Art Director/Miki Ishiga
Design/Reiko Kojima Coordinator/Mio Ohmori
Flower Coordinator/ Mami Watanabe / Atsushi Yoshikawa/Masato Yoshida
Flower Support/Kenji Harada


MAISON&OBJET is a world major trade show of interior and design held in Paris, FRANCE.
HIBIYA KADAN FLORAL CO., LTD. attended this exhibition in January 2015 (date: 23rd to 27th January 2015), continuously from year 2013.

With special invitation from SAFI, the host of MAISON&OBJET, to this exhibition regarding
display/demonstration of “Flower and Lifestyle”, our display was a design of wall using flowers and plants as a
creation inspired from “MAKE”, which was the main theme of MAISON&OBJET Paris January 2015.

The “Wall” was expressed by the flowers exported from Japan and supplied in Europe
(Holland) with the concept of “ZEN” as a static and “RAN” as a dynamic.

Also an interior of flower arrangement photograph designed by HIBIYA KADAN flower
coordinators named “Mur d’une fleur” was displayed at the show.

During the period, lot of visitors stopped in front of our display, with their comments as
“Bravo!” and “Fantastic!” The booth was like a photo spot, finished with great success.


【Atsushi Yoshikawa
Regarding the concept of “ZEN”, I stood face to face with the personal concept that all life is single. I made the design with the image of various ways that water moving silently. By the theme, using succulent plants mainly, volume and texture of the water inside is also placed by gradation to express the diversity and coexistence. Design is symmetry to make it easier to recognize from far distance since the display was in the center of the booth.

【Mami Watanabe】
Japanese brilliant flowers blooming profusely and overlapping each other. The dexterous seasonal change of the flowers makes our life vary and tell us a joy that the seasons exist. Brilliant until the end, as you may feel the after effect. As previous show, it attracted many visitors’ interest because of the blight multicolor used in the design. Many florists from France, Italy had visited our booth with interest of how the design is made and about Japanese flowers.

【Masato Yoshida】
VIP room is only for the top buyers those who are invited. I adopted the theme color of the VIP room, which was used as a color of the curtain of the venue, into part of my image. With conscious of the HIBIYA KADAN design theme “WALL”, I tried to express the wall with texture of materials and curved line made by the leaf. I received many words of praise and complimented by the guests of the VIP room.

23-27 JAN 2015  MAISON&OBJET Mur d'une fleur

“Mur d’une fleur” is an interior art of canvas printing a photograph of Flower arrangement designed by HIBIYA KADAN flower coordinators. Each of them is expressing the heart of people put into their flower gift, using flowers and plants.

As an interior of the house entrance, living room, bed room or in the office, freshness of the flower is expressed on the canvas.

It was appreciated from worldwide interior professionals like interior coordinators and architectures as a new style of flower design in our life.


  • ①It’s time for departure. Immigration at Haneda Tokyo International Airport. Flowers are exported from Japan.

  • ②Arrive at France. Transfer the flowers to the venue, check the flowers and raise them water. Flowers are putted into handmade buckets protecting from the cold weather.

  • ③Brand new wall, start working from the second day.

  • ④The wall of “ZEN” is made with filling the Styrofoam with green plants.

  • ⑤The wall of “RAN” is made using the flowers from Japan. Flower foam is added on the base of Styrofoam.

  • ⑥Construction of the booth is started at the same time with the help of local construction company.

  • ⑦Make the panel with printing of “Mur d’une fleur” on the canvas sheet.

  • ⑧Flower arrangement for VIP room. It is an image of “the space beyond sliding door” in the old Japanese house.

  • ⑨Hands are numbed with cold when working on the detailed design of “ZEN”

  • ⑩Many parts are putted together patiently.

  • ⑪Flowers of “RAN” are very delicate that we need to work on at the last moment.

  • ⑫Every day, maintenance is necessary. Flowers change their face every time.

  • Company Profile

    Company Profile
    Founded 1872.
    Incorporated 1950
    Capital 100 million JPY
    President Hiroaki Miyajima
    Number of Employees 1,552 (including group companies) as of December, 2012

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    Head Office: Tokyo
    Branch Office: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Fukuoka Hiroshima other major cities.
    Overseas: Shanghai, Suzhou (China)
    Net Sales 19,600 million JPY (excluding group companies) as of September, 2012  

Flower decoration of banquet halls.

Flower decoration of banquet halls.
Wedding bouquets, Space designs, Flower decoration of party scenes and etc.

  Retail business.

Retail business.
By understanding the feeling and mind of customers buying flowers, we offer the best lifestyle with full of flowers. Cut flowers, Houseplants, Orchids, Preserved flowers and etc. Shop (110 retail shops in Japan) Online shopping

Corporate Sales.

Corporate Sales.
Flower gift between companies, space design of offices and events.

  Elderly care.

Elderly care.
Enjoying communications through flowers, flower activity program brings out energy sense of accomplishment.


Support of funeral that customer requests.

  Life Support.

Life Support.
Housework help, cleaning, reform and repair services, etc.

Group companies are also doing:
Design Planning and construction of spaces and displays.
Design Planning of Indoor Greening.
Wholesale and import of cut flowers and materials.